What Coke Studio Missed in Atif Aslam’s Tajdar-e-Haram

My grandmother had just died, I was very close to her. She was kinda like my best friend. It was Sehri time in Ramzan, and Sabri Brothers’ Tajdar e Haram was playing on TV. It had tremendous effect on me. It filled me with loss, sadness, then hope, and love. Speak to any Pakistani, and … Continue reading →

The Mystery Box

J. J. Abrams tells his love for the craft of storytelling. He talks about a magic box, and how it helped him understand that mysteries give stories infinite possibilities.

Spartacus Season 3 Episode 1 – 6 Review

During last few days I watched Spartacus season 3. So far I have seen the first six episodes. I was waiting for it for long. Unlike previous season, this season has a very exciting story line of war. There are several surprising plot twists that keep audience interested to know what is going to happen … Continue reading →

Breaking Bad Season One – First impression

I am watching Breaking Bad. Every one kept recommending Breaking Bad and The Wire, and I don’t know why I kept postponing watching both shows. I watched first few episodes of The Wire, didn’t like it at all and stopped watching. Now I decided to give Breaking bad a chance and finished first season last … Continue reading →

Revival of Pakistani Television Drama

If you like watching traditional PTV school of Drama and were regretting the downfall of PTV, well regret no more. We now have Hum Tv. What made those Golden age PTV Dramas so wonderful? This is the question asked by every Pakistani Television producer. After the downfall of Pakistan Television Corporation and the emergence of … Continue reading →