What do I have to learn to write my own blog template from scratch?

Answer by Noumaan Yaqoob: Start with basic HTML and CSS. Write plain HTML/CSS documents using a plain text editor such as notepad. This will strengthen your understanding of HTML, CSS, web design, layout and formatting, etc. Blogger uses template tags so you need to learn how those blogger tags are used in an HTML+CSS template. … Continue reading →

What is the best Facebook-like plugin for WordPress?

Answer by Noumaan Yaqoob: There is an official Facebook plugin (WordPress › Facebook " WordPress Plugins) in the WordPress repository. There are a few reasons which make it a much better choice: 1. Facebook itself is one of the contributors of the plugins in coordination with Automattic the company behind WordPress.com. Other contributors to the … Continue reading →

Real People with Real Stories

I love stories and by stories I mean people recounting events, narrating lives, describing emotions and feelings in context. Whether its fictional or not, I believe that storytelling is powerful, beautiful and fantastic. More than often, I talk about story-telling because I am so fascinated by the craft. Storytelling is not just limited to writers. … Continue reading →

My Answer: What are The best Bollywood Movies of 1960s?

The 1960s was the golden decade in the history of the Indian cinema. During this time film makers experimented with several genres and audiences applauded. It was a brilliant decade with so many talented actors and actresses, directors and musicians, singers and songwriters. The songs, the cinematography, the arrival of color to the movies. It … Continue reading →

My answer to: Do you take Zaid Hamid seriously? Why or why not?

Yes I take him seriously. He seems like the kind of person who wants to take advantage of Pakistani Youth's ideological confusion. As Pakistani Youth is still studying the curriculum designed by General Zia's regime. This curriculum attempts to create a layer of Islamic Ideology on the grounds of Pakistani nationalism. The war on terror … Continue reading →