Getting Rid of Information Overload

How much information do we really need? As you know that we live in an information bubble designed specifically for each individual based on our likes and dislikes. Facebook, Twitter, and Google, they are all showing us information that they know we are going to like. For someone who spends almost all day on the … Continue reading →

My new phone Google nexus 5

My wife bought me a new phone as an early birthday present (my birthday is on 16th May, in case anyone wants to buy me a gift ). Its a Google nexus 5, with 16 GB storage and its white. Its very light and comes with android KitKat. It is also very clean, there is … Continue reading →

Young, Brilliant, and Right – What Happened to All of Us?

When I was young, I used to hang around on an online forum. The forum’s founder was a wonderful German guy. He took special interest in me and encouraged me to learn things. It was because of him that I started learning PHP, CSS, HTML. He gave me free web hosting and even bought me … Continue reading →

Thank God! Finally…. They are Dead

Some people just don’t know how to make others feel happy. It is not for lack of trying, they are just unlucky that way. Their lives are the plain texts of sorrow and misery. As they grow older, all their good things become bad things. They usually live longer and end up growing into a … Continue reading →

Photographs From Umrah Pilgrimage

Here are some photographs from the Umrah Pilgrimage. Most pictures were taken inside and around Masjid-al-Haram. All pictures were taken from my iPad mini. These images are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Please feel free to use these images with good faith, in educational, commercial, or personal projects. Attribution will be appreciated … Continue reading →

The human experience

I m in the holy Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Me and my wife are here to perform umrah pilgrimage. I don’t like to talk much about religion or spirituality, I believe that I am a fairly non-religious but god fearing person. I try to do good. What I liked about Makkah is that there are people … Continue reading →

Protected: Family photos

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