How to make Macbook battery cycle counts last longer

How to Make Macbook Battery Cycle Count Last Longer

My old Macbook Pro completed its battery cycle count and needed to be replaced. It took 30 days for a local authorized service provider to replace it. I thought it would be nice to share how to make Macbook battery cycle count last longer and maximize battery life. What is a Battery Cycle Count? A … Continue reading →

How to Send Files via Bluetooth From Android to Mac OS X

Recently, I faced this strange issue that I was unable to send files from my Nexus 5 Android phone to my Macbook pro via Bluetooth. I had Bluetooth turned on, I had my Android phone paired with Macbook pro. But whenever I tried to send a file from Android to Mac it will fail. I … Continue reading →

Which SVN Client to Use on Windows

I was working on my jQuery Tabber Widget plugin and needed to check out using subversion. I was working on Windows 8 and had forgotten how I had SVN set up on my old Windows 7. So I had to go through the whole process again, trying different SVN clients for Windows. I decided to … Continue reading →

Some Cool Facebook Applications

If you are free and want to have some fun on Facebook, no updates and notifications appearing from your friends. You just have to login to Facebook and you can enjoy some of these applications. Here I have some interesting applications for time killing and have fun with your friends. These are my favorite applications … Continue reading →

Converting PDF to Word Doc or Editable Text

I recently came across this situation where I had a PDF file containing text which I needed to convert so that I could work on the text. Apparantely it is not as difficult as it sounds. In fact there are some really good free software and online tools available to convert pdf to word, pdf … Continue reading →

Google Sites – Add Adsense to Your Google Site

Recently a visitor on our “Creating a Small Business Website using Google Sites” post, asked if they can add Google Adsense to a Google Sites website. The answer is yes you can add Google Adsense to your Google Sites pages. In fact it is simpler adding AdSense to Google Sites than adding adsense to sites … Continue reading →

Yahoo Chat Clients with Boot Flood and Spam Protection

I was invited by a friend to a chat room on Yahoo Chat. I didn’t know Yahoo Chatrooms are that much fun. With voice and video and so many rooms to choose from, Yahoo Chat is now my favorite way to kill time. But it didn’t take long before I realized that Yahoo’s spam protection … Continue reading →

Free Virtual WebCam Software

Virtual webcam is an application that creates an stream of images to simulate a web cam stream. Such applications are useful to add text or visual effects to a webcam stream and/or to broadcast the same webcam to stream to multiple programs simultaneously. There are many applications available on the web to simulate a virtual … Continue reading →