Firefox for Linux – Urdu Font Rendering

Finally, I found the solution to the Firefox Urdu Font related bug in Dapper. Me, the newbie, the linux illiterate who didn’t even know Tux; I solved a bug in an open source software that I am using on my open source operating system. After upgrading to Dapper, I found that Firefox in Dapper does … Continue reading →

Konqueror VS Firefox

Firefox is great but since I visit several websites that Firefox is unable to render properly I have no choice but to find an alternative. I am starting to hate Firefox and forcing myself to love Konqueror and Galeon but still whenever I am using Firefox I feel like using a familiar application. Like when … Continue reading →

Firefox for Linux is Broken?

Few days ago, I talked about a bug in Firefox ( ubuntu dapper) related to the display of Urdu Fonts. On Oreilly Linux Devcenter, Caitlyn Martin discusses problems with Firefox for Linux. In the article titled “Why Is Firefox For Linux So Terribly Broken?” she writes: I’m currently running Firefox on three Linux distributions: … Continue reading →

Urdu Font Rendering Bug in Ubuntu Dapper

The only thing which is troubling me with Dapper is some bug with Firefox and Thunderbird. I check many Urdu websites each day, particularly blogs and BBC Urdu. There are two most popular Urdu fonts Nafees Web Naskh and Urdu Naskh Asiatype. Unfortunately Firefox, Thunderbird and Epiphany are unable to display these fonts. Instead pages … Continue reading →

Easter eggs

Hidden Gems

Did you know your Open Office has a Game hidden somewhere? Programmers call it Easter Eggs and I just found one from Planet Ubuntu. To activate this game, open a spread sheet in your open office, type the following formula in any cell and press enter: =Game(“StarWars”) A screen like this will popup: Select your … Continue reading →