Where to Find Free Clip Art

Searching the web for clip art is not as much trouble as it used to be. Now you can use Google Image search and in the Advanced Image Search you can select Clip Art from the Content types. But then not all the clip art shown in search results is available for you to use … Continue reading →

Google Office

I have uninstalled Open Office from my Ubuntu because I have found web based Office tools to be more reliable. I am talking about Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Using such a web based tool instead of a fully featured super sophisticated Office suite has many benefits. My documents are accessible from every where. To access … Continue reading →

Whats New in Ubuntu 6.10

I am excited all over again on the new release of Ubuntu. Expected to be released next month but the beta version is currently availabe for download. It has: Firefox 2.0 RC 1 (code named: Bon Echo): New Theme (Tangerine) and user interface have been updated to improve usability. It has inline spell check support … Continue reading →

Easter eggs

Hidden Gems

Did you know your Open Office has a Game hidden somewhere? Programmers call it Easter Eggs and I just found one from Planet Ubuntu. To activate this game, open a spread sheet in your open office, type the following formula in any cell and press enter: =Game(“StarWars”) A screen like this will popup: Select your … Continue reading →