Asides 12 Jan 2007

Politics and Society

Devolution empowered 20 feudal families. Even though the basic purpose of devolving power to the grassroots level was to empower the masses, the local government system has actually made Sindhi feudal lords more powerful. Their families dominate the local bodies, local government provincial minister Muhammad Hussain said Thursday.

N.W.F.P’s CM Akram Durrani laid down foundation stone for a church to be built in Peshawar University. A student has challenged the construction of the church in Peshawar High Court.

Manzoor has found a “Pseudo Scientific Formula” to calculate national character and he asks you to help him calculate Pakistani national mind.

Pakistani military experts strengthen Mugabe.

Real Estate 101 for Army. This is just a satirical piece. It hasn’t actually happened YET. Don’t think it will take long before they think along these lines though.

In an unprecedented move Pakistan Army, the 7th largest army in the world, has introduced a new course to be taught at Pakistan Military Academy at Kakul. The course is titled Real Estate 101 and will be compulsory for all those entering Kakul.

Quetta Ki Hawa. Cute!

Simbsi doesn’t like Karachi any more.

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