Just found out that contact form on this site was …

Just found out that contact form on this site was not working. Installed WP Mail SMTP plugin to solve mail issues. If you contacted me recently and didn’t hear back from me, please accept my apologies. If you want you can send me another message now.

BuddyPress Needs Some Love

Recently, I had a chance to work on BuddyPress again after a long time. I was surprised to see that things are not much changed since the last time I used it. It is a wonderful tool to build online communities and with the help of community support it can become even more wonderful. This … Continue reading →

Yoast’s Review of WP-Types

Yoast’s review of WP-types plugin. Types is a plugin for WordPress, it allows you to create custom post types, add custom fields for that post type and makes it easier for you to publish different kind of content easily. Types is available for free but there is an accompanying plugin called Views or WP-Views, which … Continue reading →

WordPress: Displaying External RSS Feeds

How to display an external RSS feed on your WordPress blog without causing heavy server load. I wanted to display an external RSS feed on one of my blogs. There were many plugins to display external RSS feed as widgets on sidebar. There are also plugins that can display feed content inside a post or … Continue reading →

Securing a WordPress Blog

Due to some troubles with a few of my WordPress blogs. I have recently learned a lot about security and protecting my WordPress blogs from hacking. There is no way to be 100% sure that your website couldn’t get hacked. However, using the best practices described below, you can make it very hard for someone … Continue reading →

Choosing Right Content Management System

This post is part of a series. To read more posts from this series go to “Creating a Small Business Website“. Content Management System (CMS) is an application or a software used to create, edit, manage and publish content in a consistently organized fashion. We will be using one to manage our small business website. … Continue reading →

How to Choose A Theme for Your WordPress Blog

How do I pick up a theme for my wordpress blog from thousands of freely available themes out there? This is really a tough question. Some bloggers, even the experienced ones, spend so much time looking around for the perfect theme to beautify their blog. There are themes with lots of images in header and … Continue reading →

HowTo: Add Spam Protection to Forms

While looking at the visitors log I discovered that someone came searching for “anti-spam for html form pages”. They landed to the page where I talked about the missing spam protection feature in Google Docs Forms. So I guess they must be disappointed to read that post as it doesn’t have the information they were … Continue reading →