Clear Your Mind With Lipton Tea

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Did you know that Isaac Newton was drinking a cup of tea when he discovered the universal law of gravity. I didn’t know until Lipton’s clear your mind website told me. I found this website from a pamphlet that came with tea packet. It had riddles and some interesting quizzes. Who doesn’t love riddles? Particularly smart people like myself who love answering questions like “which of these giant elephants is small?”

I loved Lipton’s new ad campaign. It is such a simple and fantastic idea to spread the message, to get noticed and to be loved by consumers by just asking them questions and telling them how smart they are, they should drink Lipton tea more often. The idea behind the campaign is based on the simple communication technique which is to ask intriguing and interesting questions. People love to be asked questions and they love to answer riddles so that they could look smart.

Lipton has given people a chance to feel smart by posting riddles all over the town on billboards, newspapers and posters. They have also launched the campaign on television and FM radio. Riddles are a great conversational tool, it is a wonderful way to get noticed and loved by people. People read Lipton ads carefully, then they answer riddles which makes them feel good about themselves and then they ask these questions to their friends and family.

So here is one for you:

The man who invented it doesn’t want it. The man who bought it doesn’t need it. The man who needs it doesn’t know it. What is it?

Try answering without googling, when you are done guessing then select the text above and google for it.

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