Finding a coworking space in Karachi

Coworking Space for Freelancers in Karachi

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Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan, and it has thousands of people working online. There is a very strong need for decent coworking space for freelancers in Karachi. This post is an attempt to bring freelancers and entrepreneurs together to build a coworking space in Karachi.

As someone who works from home, I can confidently say that it is not as easy as you would think. While working from homes gives you a sense of freedom, it also comes with its own disadvantages.

We recently had an interesting discussion on the topic at Pakistani Probloggers. Many group members showed interest in paying for a coworking space. I also talked to a couple of entrepreneurs who wanted to cash in the opportunity. Talking to these folks, I have found a few key points that need to be considered.

  • Freelancers want a coworking space in Karachi for 5000 – 10,000 PKR per month.
  • They want a place that is open 24/7, has uninterrupted power supply, and fast internet connection
  • The space also need to be comfortable and relaxed.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to invest, find it challenging to offer these features at this price

To build a coworking space and boost the remote working culture in Karachi we need both parties to find a middle ground. We need freelancers to increase their budget to at least 10,000 – 15,000. At this rate, a business can have a chance of covering their costs and even make profit.

We also need the entrepreneurs to think out of the box. They can lower their operating costs by providing add-on services. Like a small cafeteria inside the coworking space, conference room, team spaces, special corners at higher rates, extra comfy chairs, pick-&-drop services, and so on.

Freelancers who would like to show their interest in a coworking space can sign up here.

Your information will not be shared. The data will only be used to show investors and business owners that there is a market waiting for them to jump in.

Entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses who would like to start this thing, here is how we can help you.

  • We can help you promote this coworking venture on social media. Believe me we are good at it, we do this for living and you will get all this promotion for free
  • We already have communities like Pakistani Probloggers with more than 10,000 members. Most of them are freelancers and many of them are doing really well in their respective fields
  • We will share the data to give you an estimate of how many individuals have shown interest in paying for a coworking space in Karachi.

If you have any more questions, please leave a comment below or use the contact form to reach me directly.

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  1. Hi, I am an event planner and looking for a working space where I can work easily and bring in my clients. Ideal space will be independent work space (not shared desk or workstation) but independent nice small glass room with desk and seating arrangement for 3 to 4 people. Please let me know rates and packages.

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