Five Reasons to use Ubuntu 9.10


Ubuntu released it’s new version Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala nearly the same time when Microsoft’s highly anticipated Windows 7 came into the market. This post is not a comparison of the two operating systems (If you want here is an unbiased comparison). This post is a simple attempt to describe some important qualities of Ubuntu. Qualities that make it a better option, specially for home desktop users.

1. Fast

Ubuntu uses a new technology called Upstart which has significantly improved the bootup performance. Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala is fast. On start up it quickly boots up and takes you to your working space, the desktop. It comes with Firefox 3.5.4 web browser which is much faster than the previous versions of Firefox. Tuxradar posted an interesting video showing Microsoft’s Windows Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu 9.04 and Ubuntu 9.10 booting up. Ubuntu 9.10 wins the race.

2. Good looking

Ubuntu 9.10 comes with many visual improvements. Animated boot splash, compiz visual effects, better font rendering, default theme improvements and improvements in Gnome’s user interface. All these changes give Ubuntu 9.10 a much sleeker and visually pleasing look of a modern Operating System.
Screenshot 1 (OpenOffice Writer):

Screenshot 2 (Compiz visual effects):

3. Secure and Reliable

Ubuntu is a Linux based Operating System. It is generally considered to be much less vulnerable to security threats such as malware, adware, viruses and trojans. It comes with Firefox to make your browsing even more secure and better. Also Ubuntu offers free updates. These updates are not offered for the operating system alone. Ubuntu offers updates for each and every software installed on your machine. In Ubuntu’s default installation, update manager is configured to notify you when ever there are updates available for you to install. Using Ubuntu you can spend more time working without worrying about security problems.

Screenshot 3 (Update manager):
Screenshot-Update Manager

4. Amazing software

Ubuntu is an Open Source operating system and it comes with the greatest Open Source applications. Unlike other Operating Systems which come only with a limited default set of a few very basic applications. Ubuntu comes with Open Office suite, instant messaging, photo manager, media player and Gimp image editing program. It also comes with Ubuntu Software Center which is a great way to browse through the thousands of free software offered by Open Source community.

Screenshot 4 (Software Center):

5. All of this is free
All of this is free for you to download and install.

Migrate to Ubuntu

You must have heard from people that installing Linux is difficult. Yes they are right, But they forget to tell you that Linux based Operating Systems come in many flavors from many distributions. Ubuntu is a distribution that gives importance to ease of use. Hence, Downloading and Installing Ubuntu is a piece of cake. In fact Ubuntu’s installer is easier than MS Windows. In six easy, well designed, well described and well documented steps you can install Ubuntu with in 15 to 20 minutes. You can download and burn a CD image, then you can try Ubuntu with out making any changes to your current Operating System. Or you can try Ubuntu from with in your MS windows installation.

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3 thoughts on “Five Reasons to use Ubuntu 9.10

  1. And a few other reasons:
    – No disk fragmentation
    – Stable standby mode
    – Excellent support through the online Ubuntu user community
    – No viruses, no malware

  2. I am unable to download files by blue tooth from my sony Ericsson P1i phone to my Sony Vaio laptop, in which I have recently installed Karmic Koala. Ubuntu 9.10 does not seem to recognize the blue tooth adapter in my phone. But I can send files from the laptop to my phone.

    Do you have any clue? Can you help me?



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