Google Docs Explained in Paperworks

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I use Ubuntu Linux and I am not a huge fan of the office that comes with most Linux distributions. I find Google docs a lot more convenient and useful. The reasons are obvious.

It is way much easier to share documents with Google docs than with Open Office.
I don’t have to worry about making back up of my documents when I am upgrading my system or installing some new exciting Linux distro.

I was curious to find out if there are any people using Google docs to write novels, thesis and other documents where you have to format lots of pages and it becomes difficult to maintain the consistency. I didn’t find this information instead I found a very interesting video. Its called “Google Docs in Plain English”. Common Craft is the company behind this video they made it for Google. Common Craft is a company consist of two people Sachi LeFever and Lee LeFever. They make videos in a format they call Paperworks. You can look at more of their work on the Common Craft Show.

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