Highly Educated Population = Higher GDP per Capita

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Read this article on Yahoo! Finance, Canada The 10 Most Educated Countries in The World. Clearly, the countries which invest heavily on education, are also the countries with the highest GDP per Capita. This list includes a country called Finland. It is a tiny snowy little country in the Northern Europe.

Finland has a very low population around 60 lac people (6 Mn). It has a GDP of $239.232 billion. I researched a little about the economy of Finland and found that the country has low resources. It faces challenges in agriculture and energy sector. Most jobs are created in services sector.

On the other hand we have Pakistan, a country with a population of 18 Crore (180 Mn), it has a GDP of $210.8 billion (29bn less than Finland). Pakistan has a diverse landscape, plenty of natural resources, a powerful military, a diverse population. Pakistan also facing the energy crisis.

Finland’s Education Budget in 2011 was €11.1 billion. Pakistan’s Education Budget in 2011 was $1.5 billion.

I am not going to write anything about the importance of Education. I think anyone who can read this is already aware of that. I am also sure that people in the Pakistani Government are also well aware of the importance of this issue. My concern is that it seems like no one in the country is really worried about this issue. It should be our top national priority, but sadly it is not.

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