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Did you know that PIA flew its first service with the Super Constellation on 07 June 1954 on the route linking Karachi and Dacca (now Dhaka), which were the main cities of the country’s western and eastern halves? History of PIA is a website dedicated to the history of Pakistan International Airline. It has some great photos of early days PIA and interesting facts about the history of national flag carrier airline.

History of Rail Transport in India. The article doesn’t cover the developments in the areas that are now in Pakistan. Indian Railways Fan Club has more comprehensive history of Railway in India, including a historic railway map of India from 1893 showing developments in Western sub-continent that now makes Pakistan.

Adda-Fication is doing a series on the events of 1971, fall of Dhaka and creation of Bangladesh. In the first post of this series, the author was asked:

My new friend went to ask if I picked the Bengali side or the Muslim side in that fight.

While you are there, don’t forget to read ‘Speaking of Pakistan‘.

Jahan-e-Rumi has a post about public sculptures of Lahore. Rumi’s post is based on a post by Sheraz, but I can not find a link to the original post.

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