Protests Against Taliban Flogging Girl in Swat

Politics and Society

A few days ago local media issued a video of a Girl getting flogged by Taliban in Swat. The brutality in the video has shocked the country. The news of the video spread across the country and people from all walks of the lives has condemned it.

This never happened in Pakistan. For the first time, people in Pakistan are thinking seriously about the Talibanization of their country. This video has shown them the true face of the Taliban. People all over the country are scared and worried that if government talks to Taliban and allows them to impose their Sharia Rule in the Swat region then they will impose such brutal laws on poor people of the region.

There is also question about the legal status of the agreement between the North Western Frontier Province and local fundamentalists. An agreement that establishes a parallel Islamic Sharia judicial system in the Swat district. It is clear that such an agreement is not supported by the constitution of Pakistan. Which gurantees equal rights for all citizens of Pakistan. This agreement hasn’t been presented in the parliament and it has not been signed by President of Pakistan. I am surprised that our national hero Justice Choudhry takes a suo moto action against the flogging of the poor girl in the video but totally ignores NWFP’s government’s illegal negotiations with terrorists and allowing terrorists to run their own brand of judicial system in a district of Pakistan.

Yesterday several human rights organizations protested in all major cities of Pakistan(Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad). People chanted slogans against Taliban, against terrorism, against the so called parallel judicial system, against the criminals who flogged the girl and demanded that Pakistan Army must continue the operation against Taliban.

Today there is an even bigger demonstration in Karachi called by MQM. Last night MQM’s volunteers distributed black flags and palmphlets all over the city requesting people to join the demonstration and raise their voice against Talibanization of Pakistan.

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