Ubuntu for Bad Guys

I am Muslim and we don’t really celebrate Christmas here in Pakistan. So Satanic or Christian doesn’t matter to me. But since downloading the Satanic Edition was easier I decided to give it a try, besides I was already feeling like downloading some new wallpapers for a change and this Satanic Edition is nothing more … Continue reading →

Troubleshoot Ubuntu Edgy Upgrade

I haven’t upgraded to Edgy yet. I really want to but I am afraid to loose the stability, usefulness and the charm of Dapper that comes with Long Term Support. I was looking around to see what kind of trouble people facing while upgrading to Edgy from Dapper. To my surprise, there is a whole … Continue reading →

Not a Healthy Ubuntu System

Dennis talked about the issue of unhealthy Ubuntu systems and how they interrupt between distribution upgrades. Dennis presents a list of signs to identify a possibly unhealthy system. He writes: What makes an Ubuntu system unhealthy, you’d say – well here are a few examples: Automatix/easyubuntu/fasterdapper Third party packages checkinstall’ed or alien’ed packages The problem … Continue reading →

Whats New in Ubuntu 6.10

I am excited all over again on the new release of Ubuntu. Expected to be released next month but the beta version is currently availabe for download. It has: Firefox 2.0 RC 1 (code named: Bon Echo): New Theme (Tangerine) and user interface have been updated to improve usability. It has inline spell check support … Continue reading →