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I haven’t upgraded to Edgy yet. I really want to but I am afraid to loose the stability, usefulness and the charm of Dapper that comes with Long Term Support. I was looking around to see what kind of trouble people facing while upgrading to Edgy from Dapper. To my surprise, there is a whole lot of users out there who had bad experiences while upgrading to Edgy. Looking at these complains on Ubuntu forums, Slashdot and blogosphere, I decided to compile a list of links that might offer some help to those who want to troubleshoot their Upgrade Disaster.

Debian Admin has a wonderful article about Ubuntu Edgy upgrade problems and their solutions. If your issue is not listed there then you can add it in comments or move on to the Ubuntu forums.

In the sub-forum Installation and Upgrades, you will find plenty of solutions. It is good to search the forum and the best way to do it is to search for the error you recieve during your upgrade failure by typing the error in the search box. While browsing the forum, I found quite interesting bits about Edgy upgrade issues in the First sticky thread of the sub-forum, titled “PLEASE use the official upgrade method! (if you decide to upgrade)“. Like I found that the first recommended method described on EdgyUpgrades wiki page does not work for Xubuntu. After further more research I found people who upgraded from Clean 6.06 to 6.10 without using any third party tools and causing any harm to their Ubuntu System’s health and still they faced trouble.

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0 thoughts on “Troubleshoot Ubuntu Edgy Upgrade

  1. If I had to do it over, I wouldn’t upgrade. Firsts of all, Open Office is broken in Edgy; and you can’t upgrade easily to the new version of Open Office (it’s not in the repositories) without losing menu functionality. Deluge bittorrent doesn’t work–the screens go blank–and gnome is simply so much slower. Azureus routinely crashes. The upgrade left two versions of JAVA on my machine, and I’m not sure whether there is a conflict, or how. The only advantage, and the one that caused me to upgrade, is being able to access the CUPS printing control program through a web interface (http://localhost:631). This did not work in Dapper. The problem is that I still can’t print to the network printer, and I’ve tried everything.

    I’ll upgrade to Feisty as soon as possible; anything has to be better than this.

  2. 3 days of Edgy are like a horrible dream. full of restarts, system freezes, instability, boot problems and shutdown problems and finally my edgy is not accessible i cannot boot from it and now i have to erase that partition. 🙁

  3. Hi,
    Yeah same is the case with me that i havent switched to edgy my self .. but your links are quite usefull,
    what i think, LTS is the major reason that didnt let me upgrade to some other version, 2ndly its about time that i am getting used to Drapper and still there is a lot to conquer in the 2.6.xx kernel :-S .. and yet the releases are comming robustly. So what i think sticking to Drapper and using new Tech top-noch applications on Drapper and making them work is the real game 🙂 edgy sounds cool but for me at this time Drapper is the best

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