Fixing Grub From Within Windows

Grub is the GRand Unified Bootloader that comes as the default boot loader in most modern linux ditributions including all flavors of Ubuntu. In easy words it is the software that shows you the operating systems you have installed on your computer and allows you to choose one when you start your computer. Note: This … Continue reading →

Make Changes to Grub Boot Loader

People often ask about how they can make changes to their Grub boot loader menu. This is one of the most commonly asked question that comes from newbies who have a dual/multi boot Ubuntu with some other operating system(s) like Windows, Kubuntu,Xubuntu or some other Linux distro installed. Open Source software are about Freedom, so … Continue reading →

Giving Back to The Community

Once you have Ubuntu GNU/Linux installed and you find it useful then it is the time for you to consider ways to contribute in Ubuntu. Ubuntu Wiki now has a detailed page Contribute to Ubuntu. Ubuntu is most of all a community. All of the software, artwork and documentation in Ubuntu has been created, tested, … Continue reading →

Free Software in Pakistan

I was asking myself, if Linux and GNU based software are so good, free and legal then why Pakistanis don’t go for them. Some reasons are pretty obvious and others, we will have to figure those out. Pakistanis who spend their time in front of computers at work are forced to work in a Microsoft … Continue reading →