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Once you have Ubuntu GNU/Linux installed and you find it useful then it is the time for you to consider ways to contribute in Ubuntu. Ubuntu Wiki now has a detailed page Contribute to Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is most of all a community. All of the software, artwork and documentation in Ubuntu has been created, tested, used and discussed openly by people around the world participating in the Open Source community made possible by the Internet. Anyone who uses Ubuntu is part of this global community, and we invite you to help shape Ubuntu to better meet your needs. To make it yours!

Here is a list of how I am contributing to Ubuntu GNU/Linux. It is not much comparing to what so many others are doing for the community. But I think showing off contributions is one way to inspire others specially those who are un-familiar with open and free software philosophy.

  • The easiest way to contribute is to use Ubuntu. I am using it for five months now.
  • I have distributed Ubuntu Linux CDs to some friends. Successfully convinced one of them to use Ubuntu at home.
  • I am spreading the word on Ubuntu by blogging and writing about my Ubuntu experience on various local forums.
  • Currently I am trying to improve the out of box Urdu support in Ubuntu. I am trying to get in touch with MOTU’s and Developers.

I am also a member of Urdu Translators and Ubuntu Pakistan Teams. Not much progress going on in both of these teams I think we don’t have good leaders to motivate rest of the team members. We need to organize small events in Pakistan to promote Ubuntu particularly for schools, Internet Cafes, small businesses and home users. We also need translators for Urdu translation of Ubuntu. I want to do lots of things but it seems like may be I am over excited or the other community members are busy somewhere else.

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0 thoughts on “Giving Back to The Community

  1. I agree completely. There is a need to give back to the community and there are sufficient opportunities to do it within the realm of your abilities. I try to convince others to switch to open source software, Linux and/or Ubuntu by writing about it and handing out disks.

  2. Hi, i guess we are being over exicited 🙂 … u know we have to change the minds first … so awareness and promotion would be the top priority that people should be aware of what Open Source is and how to make use of it in our personal and official tasks …
    so dont worry … i am with you 🙂

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