Secret Missions of Black Water

There is so much discussion going on about the presence of Black Water in Pakistan. I never paid attention to all the sensational text messages, emails and news articles appearing every where about Black Water and their not-so-secret missions. I love Dr. Awab Alvi. I think he has his heart is in the right place. … Continue reading →

Clear Your Mind With Lipton Tea

Did you know that Isaac Newton was drinking a cup of tea when he discovered the universal law of gravity. I didn’t know until Lipton’s clear your mind website told me. I found this website from a pamphlet that came with tea packet. It had riddles and some interesting quizzes. Who doesn’t love riddles? Particularly … Continue reading →

Revival of Pakistani Television Drama

If you like watching traditional PTV school of Drama and were regretting the downfall of PTV, well regret no more. We now have Hum Tv. What made those Golden age PTV Dramas so wonderful? This is the question asked by every Pakistani Television producer. After the downfall of Pakistan Television Corporation and the emergence of … Continue reading →