Real People with Real Stories

I love stories and by stories I mean people recounting events, narrating lives, describing emotions and feelings in context. Whether its fictional or not, I believe that storytelling is powerful, beautiful and fantastic. More than often, I talk about story-telling because I am so fascinated by the craft. Storytelling is not just limited to writers. … Continue reading →

How I Became a Harry Potter Fan

To me it seems like every one in the world has already read all Harry Potter books. At first, I didn’t read Harry Potter because I thought that it is a story for children. But it became so popular all over the world, grown ups were talking about Harry Potter everywhere. I still decided not … Continue reading →

Folktales for Children

I love reading stories to my neice Minahil. She visits us nearly every weekend with her mother and wants me to tell him some new story eachtime. I love to see the way her eyes shine with fascination, curiosity and imagination that takes her to wonderful world of fairies, magicians, witches and brave heroes. To … Continue reading →