How I Became a Harry Potter Fan


To me it seems like every one in the world has already read all Harry Potter books. At first, I didn’t read Harry Potter because I thought that it is a story for children. But it became so popular all over the world, grown ups were talking about Harry Potter everywhere. I still decided not to read the book, I thought that reading Harry Potter books is the latest trend. People will soon get out of it and find something else, something cooler and more mature than the story of a wizard. But the buzz was every where and with the arrival of movies, Harry Potter became a global phenomena. Now I have my mind forcing me to read the books. I had seen movies on television, and was familiar with the characters. Harry, Professor Dumbledor, Hermoine, Ron, and the whole lot of magicians, witches, elves, dragons, ghosts and owls, and the Quidditch.

Finally, I decided that I must read it. I went to the nearest bookstore and bought the first two books. I didn’t buy all of them because I still felt that I might not be able to enjoy the books. After reading the few chapters of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, I knew that I was wrong. This is an interesting read and I am no different than most in the whole world.

The Harry Potter series is a story of a young boy who lived with his relatives. The Dursleys, treated him like dirt. His parents died in a mysterious accident when he was a baby. His relatives, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon wouldn’t talk about his parents. It seemed that they disliked Harry and his parents for some unknown reasons. Then one day, Harry finds out that his parents were no ordinary people. They were magicians and Harry is a wizard too. He recieves a letter informing him that he has got admission in Hogwarts, an school for wizards and witches. The Dursleys didn’t want Harry to attend Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. They try to hide and ran away to secluded place. But then a very large and mysterious man appears and personally delivers the letter to Harry and takes him to shop for his school uniform, accessories and books.

J. K. Rowling the author of this wonderful series has her way with words. She doesn’t tell you any thing, she keeps the focus on Harry, just like the readers Harry also don’t know anything about the world of magicians. The reader learns about the fantasy world by following Harry everywhere. Reader starts thinking and feeling like Harry, A boy who knows nothing about his past. Naturally he is curious to know about his parents, how they died and why he is a household name in the magic world. When he reaches Hogwarts, this curiousity leads him to discover secrets he was not supposed to learn about. This boy with very little knowledge of witchcraft faces the darkest evil forces of magic world.

Rolwing is something of a witch herself. She adds just the right ingredients to make a great read. There is magic, fantasy, thriller, mystery, heroism, emotions and a whole lot of elves, dragons, witches, owls, flying brooms, and portraits that talked. I would say that this book is a must read for anyone of any age. I will start reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the second book in the series tonight. Wrapped in my beloved blanket with strawberry milkshake and snacks. I feel like a child again, and its beautiful.

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  1. I would say, its addictive , at least for me. Once I start reading it , I could not stop my self from finishing it :). I have read all seven books 3 times yay!!.

    Thank God , I left the book in Pakistan while visiting on winter vacation, or else I would be perusing them at the moment 😀

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