Free and Open Source Video Editing Tools for Windows

I personally believe that Windows Movie Maker is probably the best solution for newbies and beginners to video editing. Most of us just want to edit our picnic and wedding movies we created with our camcorders, digital cameras or mobile phones. Windows Movie Maker is a good choice if you want to add text, simple … Continue reading →

Adding UTF-8 Urdu Subtitles to a Video

In this tutorial we will learn how to add permanent subtitles in Urdu language to your video files. It is extremely simple to create subtitles in text based formats such as SubRip or .srt. Unfortunately srt format does not support utf-8 characters. You can create an srt file with utf-8 characters but you will not … Continue reading →

Video Editing with Windows Movie Maker

I never knew that there is such a good video editing software bundled in Windows XP. I don’t use Windows, I use Ubuntu Linux but unfortunately I was not able to find a video editing tool for Linux that meets my need. There is plenty of video editing tools for Linux but none of them … Continue reading →