Video Editing with Windows Movie Maker


I never knew that there is such a good video editing software bundled in Windows XP. I don’t use Windows, I use Ubuntu Linux but unfortunately I was not able to find a video editing tool for Linux that meets my need. There is plenty of video editing tools for Linux but none of them helped me do what I wanted to do. I wanted to add subtitles in Urdu language.

Windows Movie Maker not only has an excellent support for adding text to your videos, it also supports RTL languages such as Urdu, Arabic and Hebrew. However you must have the language support enabled with your operating system. If you can write text in these languages using Notepad then it means you already have this support enabled. Otherwise you will have to enable it by changing settings in Control Panel > Regional and Languages Options.

Windows Movie Maker is a basic video editing tool. It allows you to add titles, subtitles, captions to your videos. It also allows you to trim unwanted portions, Rearrange clips by using simple cut, copy and paste menus, add or remove videos, images and other media. It also gives you the power to add simple video effects to your video.

However there are several things I didn’t like about Windows Movie Maker. For example, when I added subtitles it does not create subtitles in standard formats such as vobsub, srt, and others which could be saved as separate files and then embedded in DVD video. This method would have given power to viewers to turn off subtitles. Now in the video I created with Windows Movie Maker there is no option to turn off subtitles.

Secondly Windows Movie Maker does not have support to create VCDs, DVDs that would play on any popular DVD player. However, you can do that using third party software. You will have to first save your project as a high quality video and then use some other software to create a DVD or VCD. I used Nero 8 for that.

Does any body know any software that could help me creating subtitles in Urdu and save them in standard .sub format?

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