Queries Made by Pakistanis

The Google Zeitgeist now shows popular queries from Pakistan. In January 2007, the most popular query made by Pakistanis is Pakistan itself. Yes, the country we live in is just as mysterious and unknown to us as it is for any European or African. We don’t really have any stars and celebrities of our own … Continue reading →

eMarkaz Stinks

eMarkaz is an online store, a subsidiary of Urdu Point, An Urdu web portal that claims to be the largest Pakistan based Urdu website. They have a very good range of products available for your shopping pleasure. Specially if you are a non resident Pakistani, you would love their audio, video and books catalogues. I … Continue reading →

Feed Reader for Ubuntu

I need an RSS Feed reader. I would definitely like to use some web based tool, but currently no bloglines, Google reader or any other feed aggregator satisfies me. I need something with a very simple user interface, little or no advance features and rock solid support for all type of feeds. After looking around … Continue reading →