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I need an RSS Feed reader. I would definitely like to use some web based tool, but currently no bloglines, Google reader or any other feed aggregator satisfies me. I need something with a very simple user interface, little or no advance features and rock solid support for all type of feeds. After looking around for sometime I shortlisted these four feed readers.

  1. Akregator
  2. Blam
  3. Liferea
  4. Straw

Akregator is great but it is made for KDE not for Gnome. I liked it a lot when I was testing Kubuntu but KDE is not my kind of environment and using akregator on Gnome is slow and you need to fetch lots of other kdelibs.

Blam Feed Reader Blam! has a very simple user interface. No advance features for you to configure. It displays my feeds correctly. It has an icon that sits in the system tray, but unlike akregator or liferea this icon disappears when you close Blam window. I would like Blam to keep monitoring my RSS feeds and display a notification when there is something new to read.

Liferea is what people consider the best feed reader available on Ubuntu Linux. I do not agree with them. I added an RSS 0.92 feed and liferea didn’t display it according to the post’s publishing time. Blam displays the same feed correctly. Liferea beats Blam with its system tray icon and support for integrated browsing in tabs, just like akregator. It also has folders to organize your news feeds. It has a simple user friendly interface and the people behind this project are so nice that they have links to other RSS feed readers for Linux, right there on the front page of Liferea project. Followed the link to Straw I decided to install it.

Straw is similar to Blam. It is simple, easy to use and cute. It also has support for Categories. But it does not allow you to add a category while subscribing a new feed. You will have to select the feed later and then select categories. These categories are defined in preferences. Not a very usable approach.
I really want to use Blam because it displays my feeds correctly, but I also want to use Liferea because it has a system tray icon, folders and tabbed browser integration. I guess I will have to compromise on how Liferea displays one feed.

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7 thoughts on “Feed Reader for Ubuntu

  1. Personally I prefer Liferea! It is the best desktop feed reader I have come across for Gnome, at least. Even though I like Liferea, I primarily use Newshutch. It is this Web based reader. Totally free and advertisement free (except for those feeds that carries ads, of course). It is not so customizeable as I would like it to be. But it does the job and it does it well.

  2. I find Ubuntu’s liferea is a bit buggy. you might like to compile the latest liferea to get over the bugs.
    apt-get build-dep liferea will install all dependencies, than you can just

  3. Here is the url. I am also sending this in an email to you. Also I would like to see liferea using some pretty font by default so that it displays Urdu text in a readable way.

  4. Could you provide the URL of the RSS 0.92 feed or a copy of it either on the liferea-devel mailing list (posting with subsription only) or in the SF tracker? Or alternatively just send it to me. I’d like to verify this.

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