Bring Me Back To Freedom

Google Chrome arrived and I had to log on MS Windows to see how it works. I am so impressed that I don’t really feel like going back to Ubuntu and use Firefox. I have installed Windows Vista, which has Aero theme. I use Chrome and the world is beautiful again. Honestly, I don’t like … Continue reading →

Fixing Grub From Within Windows

Grub is the GRand Unified Bootloader that comes as the default boot loader in most modern linux ditributions including all flavors of Ubuntu. In easy words it is the software that shows you the operating systems you have installed on your computer and allows you to choose one when you start your computer. Note: This … Continue reading →

Installing Windows XP and Ubuntu

Recently I had to format my entire hard disk and re-install Microsoft Windows XP and Ubuntu once again. Despite the usual headaches of such a painful procedure, I feel that it was kind of a good learning experience. First of all I had to backup all my important data. Since I try to save all … Continue reading →