Bring Me Back To Freedom


Google Chrome arrived and I had to log on MS Windows to see how it works. I am so impressed that I don’t really feel like going back to Ubuntu and use Firefox. I have installed Windows Vista, which has Aero theme. I use Chrome and the world is beautiful again.

Honestly, I don’t like Microsoft Windows much. Previously I had trouble getting it configured for my internet, graphics and audio settings. It is just too much work with windows, I thought. But may be I was a little bit too biased towards freedom. I had this feeling that I am a software freedom fighter, I can not use Windows. But I am starting to think differently now.

If I use Windows I have Aero which looks 10 times better than Gnome with compiz and it has Google Chrome which is faster than Firefox and works like a charm.

These new things make me feel good. The graphics aren’t ugly, I have the same visual effects on Ubuntu too but they don’t look that good. Gnome’s interface that I have loved so much, now looks childish and boring. The simplicity has gone to a point where it feels like an insult to the human intelligence.

The windows are too big they take a lot of screen space. The fonts are ugly. Definitely Ubuntu has better support for Urdu Language but Vista is not that bad either. Using Vista I can use the new VLC media player that uses QT and has good looking interface.

I tried searching the Gnome website to see if they have any plans to give me something thats more beautiful than Mac OS X, Vista and KDE4. But I don’t think they have any plans to bring something modern and new for at least a few more decades. I can go for KDE4, and I did. I tried it with opensuse. But it crashed so often and after a week of trial I gave up. I tried KDE4 on ubuntu and the result was the same.

Developers at Gnome should think about improving their simplicity. Give me an intelligent user interface that is smarter than me. Give me better fonts. Don’t fill my screen with thick windows, fat buttons, and king size Icons. The KDE folks if they read it, please make it available for Ubuntu and make rock solid. Every body hates to see the crash handler poping up now and then. and I want VLC with QT ASAP.

Please bring me back to the free world. Please bring something exciting and modern.
BTW, after finishing this post I am going to try KDE for windows and see how it works. It might be unstable like hell but I want to do try it anyways.

Note: I haven’t completely switched to Windows yet. I am just jealous.

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32 thoughts on “Bring Me Back To Freedom

  1. Use the OS which suits you, not anyone else.

    I use both XP and Linux at home. XP is my gaming box. Linux is for my productivity work. (I don’t dual boot, I have several machines.) I’ll be honest in that if I wasn’t running 3D games, I wouldn’t need the Windows box at all.

    This combination works for me. It won’t work for everyone. To push this solution onto someone else as the only answer, would be rather petty – and in reality is saying, “I know what’s better for you than you do.”

    That’s the primary reason I don’t understand the venomous versions of OS evangelism. True freedom is letting people find their own solution, not to push an OS down their throat.

  2. Nice, Illumination.

    I’m rapidly coming to the end of my Linux years, I think. Kubuntu 8.10 is just broken in a dozen little ways. Meanwhile, my wife is tippy typing away on her new Vista machine while I’m fighting to get modules loaded and DVDs playing.

    The thing I’ll miss least about Linux is trying to get help from angry linux zealots with no social skills.

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