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I m in the holy Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Me and my wife are here to perform umrah pilgrimage. I don’t like to talk much about religion or spirituality, I believe that I am a fairly non-religious but god fearing person. I try to do good. What I liked about Makkah is that there are people from all over the world. They are here to perform umrah or they are here for business. Which makes Makkah a very beautiful city.

It is nice to see people from all over the world in the haram shareef. Performing the same rituals saying the same prayers, dressed alike, and feeling the same emotions. They are all tired of travel, walking, they are all thirsty and hungry. They all speak so many different languages.

Surprisingly unlike the old days when our grand parents performed hajj or umrah here today most people in Makkah can speak and understand a little bit of both Urdu and English. I noticed that if you speak English people are more respectful and polite.

I m sitting in my hotel lobby, will write more when I get chance.

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