Absence of Security

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Yesterday, I was listening to Jameel Yousuf founder of Citizens Police Liason Comittee talking on Geo news during the terror attack at the Police training center in Lahore. He pointed out immensely huge flaws in our country’s anti-terror security practices. First of all he pointed out that the building of this current terror attack had no security at all. He also pointed out that in our country security means ill-equipped policemen guarding installations or VVIPs. We do not have lack of technology to fight terrorism in fact we have total absence of technology in all our security measures.

He bitterly described how foreign aid to train Pakistani police is wasted due to corruption. How government has always failed to control arms trade from tribal regions. How government failed to fight against kidnappings for ransom in all major cities of Pakistan. According to him these kidnappings for ransom are a major source of funding for local terrorist organisations. According to Mr. Yousuf, implementing the police order 2002 (Police Order 2002 PDF) is a good starting point to improve law and order situation.

Meanwhile US government has claimed that elements inside Pakistani intelligence agencies are helping terrorists. Apart from US concern, we must think ourselves that how we can fight terrorism in these conditions? The world has taken immense security measures to fight terrorism. Now these terrorists have very limited chances of attacking United States or allies, or India, or Zionists. So this leaves us the only easily accessible target to terrorists all over the world. Whether it is Al-Qaeda, or Baitullah Mehsud or any other so called Jihadi organization. They all have their base camps in Pakistan and they can easily target people of Pakistan whenever they want.

The picture Jameel Yousuf draw during this talk on television is so horrible but it described things very clearly that how come Pakistan is so easily targetted nearly twice a month by these terrorist organizations. The government must implement police reforms, improve co-ordination among law enforcing agencies and take strict actions to block funding for terrorists.

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