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I recently started using Totem movie player. Before that, VLC was my prefered media player on Ubuntu and Debian. It is still default media player on my Windows partition. But on Linux I think Totem is wonderful. I love the simplicity of Totem’s interface. Which is weird because in past I disliked Totem for the same interface but after using it a while I have become a fan. The interface is not only simple, it is also very intuitive. Totem is also feature rich in its own Gnomish way.

I specially liked Totem’s Youtube video search and play plugin. It looks fantastic, you can search and play youtube videos right inside Totem and it works great with Ubuntu 8.10. I loved it but I don’t think I will be using it that much. Totem also has BBC video plugin but unfortunately I failed to connect to the BBC servers.

Screenshot Totem's YouTube plugin - Click to enlarge
Screenshot Totem's YouTube plugin - Click to enlarge

While watching videos on YouTube you can read description provided by the uploader, you can read comments, add yours, add the video to favorites and do lots of other cool things. It is currently not possible to do all these things in Totem. You can add a video to a playlist in Totem and save that playlist on your computer, but what about the playlists I have on my youtube account?

I think some added features will make this plugin more interesting for users. Like for example the description and comments could be displayed just like it displays related videos in an extra tab on the sidebar when a video is played.

I am also thinking how one can add other video sites to totem?

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