KESC Has An Official Website, But Where?

Pakistan is entering into a new era of prosperity. The country has internet access in almost all cities. There are computer labs in schools and colleges, every other day you would see some government officer inaugrating a new computer lab in some school or college. Musharraf’s government is proud that they have made so many … Continue reading →

Folktales for Children

I love reading stories to my neice Minahil. She visits us nearly every weekend with her mother and wants me to tell him some new story eachtime. I love to see the way her eyes shine with fascination, curiosity and imagination that takes her to wonderful world of fairies, magicians, witches and brave heroes. To … Continue reading →

Karachiites Dancing

Kajra Re, University of Karachi Department of Food Sciences:Sir Jahanzeb Farewell Song:Lunch break Party in Office Khaike Pan Banaras Wala

Monday Links

Explaining social schizophrenia Dr Ayesha Siddiqa’s excellent analysis of social schizophrenia of the Bahawalpuri society. How the puritanical religion has affected the Bahwalpur. Ayesha Siddiqa is the author of forthcoming book Military Inc.: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy Election of the president – a legal analysis It has been argued that how can an assembly which … Continue reading →

Saturday Links

Temporary Marriages ‘Mutaa’ are popular again in Iraq. Mut’ah is a temporary union believed by Shiite Muslims to be sanctioned by Islamic law. How to become more attractive? A study conducted by British psychologists at Aberdeen University reveals that The secret of attractiveness is making other people smile. Jungle-Girl Found in Cambodia. Disappeared as a … Continue reading →

Surf Today

Karachi’s new police chief is shocked at city’s traffic conditions. Azhar Ali Farouqi just returned from a five year leave during which he lived in London, Germany and America where he studied their “police and legal systems”. Where is former Police Cheif Tariq Jameel? He is fighting NAB, Jameel is charged with taking a heavy … Continue reading →

Gwget - Download Manager for Gnome

Gwget – Download Manager for Gnome

I still haven’t upgraded to Ubuntu Drapper. I was unable do download drapper due to my slow internet connection. I ordered a Desktop CD from Shipit. Rechecking the Drapper Upgrade instructions again, I found that I will not be able to upgrade to Dapper using the Desktop CD. I will need Alternate CD to perform … Continue reading →

Upcoming Ubuntu Version

Jason Norwood-Young takes a first look at Ubuntu Dapper Drake Beta. Another noteworthy read is Jane Silber’s interview he gave to computer world Australia. I am quite excited about trying the new version of Ubuntu. With my limited bandwidth it is nearly impossible for me to download the beta versions. I am going to wait … Continue reading →