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Explaining social schizophrenia Dr Ayesha Siddiqa’s excellent analysis of social schizophrenia of the Bahawalpuri society. How the puritanical religion has affected the Bahwalpur. Ayesha Siddiqa is the author of forthcoming book Military Inc.: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy

Election of the president – a legal analysis It has been argued that how can an assembly which has been elected for a period of five years elect a president for 10 years.

Islands for the rich and famous.

In recent years residents of Karachi have been facing a great deal of problems due to the increase in traffic, pollution, crime and lack of other basic amenities. Such a project would allow the crème de la crème to distinguish themselves from the millions of middle-class people in the city who have now, according to one socialite, turned it into a ‘shit-hole’.

Karachi police has obtained a toll free number for street crime unit. The number is 0800-91515 and it would start functioning soon. The plan is to connect with the CPLC and PTA’s existing systems. This would help the victims of street crime to quickly report the crime so that police can take action before the criminals reach safe heavens. It is particularly useful against robberies, motor cycle and car jacking, and mobile snatching.

Chalo Chalo Dubai Chalo

Gnome Hacks, is a repository for all those little tricks that people have worked out that do something useful or cool with their GNOME Desktop.

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