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Karachi’s new police chief is shocked at city’s traffic conditions. Azhar Ali Farouqi just returned from a five year leave during which he lived in London, Germany and America where he studied their “police and legal systems”. Where is former Police Cheif Tariq Jameel? He is fighting NAB, Jameel is charged with taking a heavy bribe for the transfer and posting of SHOs and DSPs, for having relations with underworld don Shoaib Khan, the absconding owners of the Schon Group and making a huge investment and buying property in Dubai beyond his known sources of income. This and our new Vilayat Palat Police Cheif is only shocked at the traffic conditions.

USAID is working on Pakistan Legislative Strengthening Project with Pakistan’s National and Provincial Assemblies. Just few days ago the first Parliamentary Information Technology Resource Centre (PITRC) was inaugrated at the Sindh Assembly. During the inaugration, some one stole project director Eleanor Valentine’s laptop.

May be we have lots of theives, terrorists, and thugs in Pakistan. But we also have some good people.

The firefighters in Karachi has become true heroes. Every one is talking about their bravery, courage and sacrifice. Every one is talking about fire department, safety of public and firefighters.Tamashbeen salutes these men who lost their lives while saving others.

There were more than 500 articles on Google news about the captured Taliban spokesman who claimed that, Mullah Omar is protected by ISI and he is living in Quetta. Pakistani Interior Minister denied the claim.In other news, United States’ National Intelligence Director John Negroponte said in testimony before the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee that “we all agree that the question of a sanctuary for the Taliban in Pakistan is problematic.”

Mushahid Hussain, chairman of Pakistani senate’s foreign relations committee responded saying: “We have a very poor opinion on the track record of American intelligence in the region. There has been a string of failures in American intelligence… The Americans have not named a single Al Qaida leader who might be in Pakistan”.

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