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There are many guides on "How to move from blogspot to wordpress", but many of them are missing out important points and the top search results are mostly outdated articles. So you will have to browse through different guides and make sure that you find directions to do the following:

Your goal should be to make it easier for people coming to your blogspot blog to be redirected and land exactly on the same post on your wordpress blog. A good way to do that is to use a combination of javascript and redirect on both sides.

You would also want to use 301 redirects to make sure that your new blog retains the rankings of your old blog posts. Not only it helps you retain your Search rankings but creates a fluid user experience.

During the process, you would want to make sure that your images, rss feed and subscribers are intact too. Some people leave their images on blogger which I don't recommend. I would recommend that you copy those images to your webserver even if you have to do it manually. Google image search could send your visitors to images on blogspot and they won't come to your new moved location.

Once you have moved your images to your own server delete them from your blogger album by visiting picassa web albums and signing in with your blogspot ID.

For feed you can change your feed's URL both in the Feedburner or redirect Feed from blogspot interface to your wordpress blog.

If you have many email subscribers on feedburner or other services you might want to announce the move to these audiences.

This guide might help you:…

Or this one:…

What's the easiest way to convert my blogspot site to wordpress?

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