Decided to take regular intervals while sitting on my Desktop at home and my workstation in office. I have found this Google Chrome Extension called Break Helper. I am taking five minute breaks after every 25 minutes. During this break I will move around a bit, walk down to cafeteria or to washroom to freshen … Continue reading →

I am fixing a few of my blogs…

I am fixing a few of my blogs. I suspected that one of them might have some malicious code hidden somewhere affecting search rankings of my blog. This happens often if you are running a high traffic website. So you need to keep your web apps (wordpress and plugins) up to date. If you run … Continue reading →

How I Became a Harry Potter Fan

To me it seems like every one in the world has already read all Harry Potter books. At first, I didn’t read Harry Potter because I thought that it is a story for children. But it became so popular all over the world, grown ups were talking about Harry Potter everywhere. I still decided not … Continue reading →