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turtle porgressing slow We have recently made little but very significant progress toward the translation of Ubuntu in Urdu. When I joined the Ubuntu community, we already had Ubuntu Pakistani Team and Ubuntu Urdu Translators team. Both had a few members, bad Wiki pages and no community leaders at all. Following the guidelines provided by Ubuntu I stepped into the role of community leader and made the following changes:

Currently I am involved in the translation of some templates on Ubuntu. I will be spending more time on developing a small software to assist Urdu Translators everywhere to find out the translations of most commonly used terms and phrases and add new translations. This project will provide a web interface to search for an English term and provide its translation in Urdu. It is not a dictionary but a word bank where any one can deposit, change, improve and look up for translations. With this project in action, I am hoping to see great improvements in the quality and progress of open source software translations in Urdu. Every one is invited to join the team or start translating templates without joining the team. Below are some links that would help new contributors get started:

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  1. Great work nouman .. and about that IRC channel you mentioned some where i dont remeber start it as early as possible … and about the softwares you are planning i can be with you in this regard … if you plan out soon … you know where to find me 😉 …

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