Five Reasons to Love Ubuntu


If you never used any operating system but Windows, then looking at all the Ubuntu related news on the web, you might be asking yourself, “What is so special about this Operating System?”. For you I have shortlisted my reasons that describe why I love Ubuntu so much. Remember that I am not someone you might identify as a geek. I am just a regular guy like you, a guy who has found something truly great and desperately wants to share it with everyone.

1. Freedom

Ubuntu gave me the freedom to install my operating system, modify it, redistribute it to friends and family without worrying about License.

2. Reliability

I am using Ubuntu since an year now and I haven’t seen any virus, trojan or adware on my system during this whole time. An year is quite a lot for an average windows user who often finds himself combating with some silly malicious software. The Ubuntu version I am currently using is supported for three years. This means that I receive free security updates for three years.

3. A whole lot of free software

Firefox, Open Office, Gimp, and a huge repository of free and not so free software that I can download and install without any hassle.

4. Community

Ubuntu introduced me to a community where people are always eager to help. I met some wonderful people online while asking for help. These wonderful people volunteer to maintain the help documents, support forums, mailing lists and IRC channels. I know I can always visit any of these places and ask for help, advise or have a little chat about just how cool this whole new Ubuntu world is.

5. Pride

I love to tell people that “I use Ubuntu Linux!” In fact I love the part when people ask, “Really? Whats so cool about this Ubuntu Linux that you are using?” While explaining them just how wonderful the world of open and free software is, I feel like I am a warrior saving the world from harmful side effects of not so free operating systems.

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