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Google Chrome is becoming very popular every where particularly among people who spend their lives on browsers. You can sense the popularity by looking at blog posts, news items, and themes.

There are Google Chrome based themes available for many applications. Google Chrome’s innovative new approach to design inspired these designers and users to adapt these themes. For example there are people who are using Firefox, they either don’t want to use Chrome or can’t use Chrome (as Chrome is not yet available for Linux and Mac users). So they Chromify their firefox.

Chromifox Theme for Firefox will make your Firefox look like Google Chrome.

There are Chrome like themes for popular blogging applications.

I hope to see a Google Chrome theme for my Gnome Desktop on Ubuntu, and it would be nice to have a theme for Vista and XP too.

There are even websites offering themes to change the appearance of your Google Chrome with themes. I didn’t know that themes are supported or not so I didn’t try it. But HowTo Geek tried changing appearance of his Google Chrome browser to Windows Vista Aero Style theme with satisfactory results.

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