Google: This site may harm your computer.

The Web

Google engineers has accidentally made a massive mistake. No matter what you search on Google all your results are labeled “This site may harm your computer”.

This is happening with all platforms and web browsers and to every one accessing Google websearch from anywhere in the world. So if you are seeing it, do nothing or start using some other search engine for a while.

This made me realize how much we are relying on Google. May be we should consider other ways to do our work on the web. But honestly, I have tried Yahoo Search and MSN Live search. The results were most of the time absurdly irrelevant.

Anyways, Google Engineers are working to resolve the issue. Meanwhile Google’s support pages, forums and help groups are all down due to heavy traffic. It also makes me wonder what impact this accident is going to have on the Internet, Google and Websites that are getting so much negative branding by this error.

UPDATE: Issue Resolved

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