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Google Chrome Browser Screenshot
Google Chrome Browser Screenshot

I opened my browser and there was a link on the main Google page with an announcement about Google’s new browser Chrome. I was like wow, I was looking for a new browser for a long time. I was feeling kind of bored with Firefox. I tried Safari for Windows and Opera but didn’t like them much. So I reacted quickly to the invitation and installed Chrome on my Windows XP. Unfortunately Chrome is not yet available for Linux.


So what’s different in Chrome?

Before telling you about how I found Chrome, lets first read what Google Chrome has to say about itself on their features page.  

Some of these features were already available in Opera, Safari and Firefox. Then how come Google Chrome is any different. Well I for one fell in love with it instantly and here is why:

  1. I loved the Button that allows you to add Web Application shortcuts to your Desktop. One would think that this was already possible by adding a shortcut on Desktop to the webpage. What’s different is how Google Chrome treats these shortcuts. They open in a new window with an uncluttered interface with no browser buttons, no address bar just your application.
  2. I loved the Interface, its uncluttered, clean, easy on eyes and simple. There are no silly buttons to take all the space. This interface is just how I wanted my browser to look like.
  3. Its faster than Firefox. I didn’t really measure it but I felt that it loads up quickly and opens pages quickly.
  4. I also loved the way Google Chrome handles downloads. It does not opens a download window, instead download process is displayed in the status bar and once the download is finished you can open the file by clicking it or open the Downloads window which displays your downloads.

I think I am all praise for Google Chrome and I should be cautious may be after using it for a while I would go back to Firefox. But right now I think it is a wonderful little browser that I needed desparately. After using it for a few hours I have figured out a few things that I would like to see in Google Chrome’s upcoming versions. I would like Google Chrome to open documents on my computer with Google Docs. When clicked on an Email Link it should open me Gmail or whatever web based email application I am using. Also is this possible to play video audio files on my computer with in browser without downloading any additional software?

Basically Google Chrome takes a lot from WebKit, Firefox and other open source projects and Google Chrome it self is an open source web browser. Here is the post from Google Blog Announcing the Google Chrome. I would say that it is definitely a fresh approach to web browser and I hope that we will soon witness many more improvements in Google Chrome before it comes out of the Beta phase.

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