AVG – Free and Reliable Antivirus


I primarily use Ubuntu Linux as my operating system. With Ubuntu I don’t need any anti-virus or spyware removal tool. But I also use Windows XP sometimes. Windows XP is often attacked by viruses and spyware. So if you have Windows you must have an anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed on your computer. There are several anti-virus solution available, some of them are expansive and some cheap. I was using Norton Antivirus, I was told by my friends (who all claim to be experts on computing) that Norton is best for home users. So despite the fact that Norton anti-virus made my computer run slower, I kept it sitting there and monitoring for threats. But then one day when the threat arrived, Norton shamelessly surrendered my computer to the evil forces of silly spyware. This is when I found AVG free anti-virus.

AVG is free anti-virus solution for home users. I have used it for a while now and I think it is reliable and many other third parties agree with me thats why AVG free won these awards. What happened is that some how my computer got infected with a mysterious virus that wont let me do anything on my computer. Norton was unable to do anything, it recognized the threat but was unable to solve it. So I tried AVF and it cleaned my system quickly. AVG also has a paid version but comparing the features of both versions I think that free version suits my needs. Here is what you get with free AVG anti-virus:

  • Basic Virus and spyware protection
  • Free updates
  • Support if not available with free version but you can register at AVG free support forum.
  • It does not take over CPU and unlike Norton anti-virus, AVG works seamlessly.

Lot’s of people has already switched to AVG free anti-virus. For example read this discussion on CNet user forum where users compared Norton with AVG and AVG is the clear winner. So any one who does not want to waste their money, CPU and time, they should get AVG free edition.

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