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During last few weeks I had been working on the Localization of Ubuntu and Gnome into Urdu. As part of Ubuntu Urdu Translators Team and Gnome Localization Project on UrduWeb, I spent my time organizing the teams and translating some files. I also made a tool Word Bank for Urdu software translators. This little utility acts as a glossary of terms used in software translations. Any one can add an English phrase and its translation in Urdu.

I didn’t get much out of the Ubuntu team, because:

  • It is difficult to communicate with team members.
  • Most team members are not very enthusiastic. I hardly see any reply from team members on the mailing list and even after several emails I failed to get them work on Rosetta.
  • They don’t have the tools (ability to read and write Urdu on their computers) and knowledge (Working knowledge of English and Urdu languages) necessary to work on the project.

I tried my best to develop an interest and enthusiasm among team members but so far it hasn’t worked out the way I expected.

On the other hand UrduWeb already had a localization team and some very enthusiastic members when I joined them to get help with Ubuntu Translators. Admins at Urdu Web approved my suggestions and provided me the freedom to carry out my projects and helped me implement them. We are not seeing great progress on Urdu Web front either, but it is moving a head, slowly but steadily.

After the launch of Word Bank we sparked an interest and hope among Urdu Web Localization team members. We created a Localization Policy Guideline and I took responsibility to coordinate the team effort. We have also made a team to review the quality of translations on Word Bank and Gnome. The glossary we have made on Urdu Word Bank is the greatest achievement we have made so far. It is going to help lots of translators in the future. I am now working hard to get Gnome translated on UrduWeb and then I will upload those po files on Rosetta.

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One thought on “Localizing Gnome and Ubuntu in Urdu

  1. as an urdu speaker i completely agree with the translation effort. i looked at the state of urdu translation on rosseta and its pathetic.
    i didn’t know about urduweb. will be looking into that.

    and great blog. keep it up.

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