Hundreds of Adsense Accounts Banned in Pakistan


Last night, Google Adsense disabled hundreds of Adsense accounts. We are seeing more and more Pakistani publishers who got banned from Adsense last night. Apparantely, most if not all of them received the same email message which cites the same reason. The reason is that the sites displaying ads are violating some quality guideline. However, as we are hearing from bloggers many quality blogs got affected as well. Some well known content publishers who are well known among the Pakistani internet community got affected with this massive ban.

We are unsure as to what we can do. Apparantely, disabled adsense accounts have only one chance to appeal and get reviewed by an Adsense specialist. However, the email publishers received is not very specific and publishers are having a hard time figuring out what went wrong. I am among such publishers. I have published content on one of my blogs for 6 years, serving ads while building a steady readership and traffic from search engines. My site offers very unique content with interesting perspective on the topics it discusses. I hope to get reinstated along with many others who believe that they are wrongly banned.

Before submitting our appeals many publishers are looking around for information as to how to prepare for their appeals, what to add in the appeal, how to present a strong case to adsense team for reconsideration, what sites have better chances of getting reinstated, etc.

If you are one such publisher or if you think you can help us please join us on our facebook group, Pakistani Probloggers Or you can help us on Official Adsense Support Forum, one thread is here, Or you can share this message so that it reaches someone who can probably help.

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2 thoughts on “Hundreds of Adsense Accounts Banned in Pakistan

  1. Google is a complete racist company. bagal main churri muh main raam raam. Did ever Google give Eid Mubarak doodle? They give doodles to Hindus and other small religions but not only to Muslims.

    Money coming from America to Pakistan through Adsense, racist America and Jews sure would not accept this happily.

    Adsense was a good way of earning for several Pakistani students.

    Be careful guys, those American companies whatever it is Facebook/Microsoft/iPhone/Google they are all same. First i thought Facebook is bad company who allow Islam against pages/groups then i started to notice Google is more than Facebook.

    Americans have germs inside them to hate Muslims, doesn’t matter how much u try to be good to them they will bite you when you are not needed.

    Even if there are good americans in those companies they would be hardly 2/10. Their parents/media/society are filling their minds that Muslims are terrorists and enemy. We play video games such as counter terrorists, delta force killing Taliban/Al Qaida/Iran/Iraq forces etc. Time may come when others will be playing games about you too.

    Those companies using + sign in their services and with your names.

    +=cross=plus=Christians sign

    Don’t be fooled, not only one but several american companies are using + sign with their services, Google+ is adding + sign with your name on Google+.

    Google always used Google news/youtube to attack Iran image officially.
    Whenever something happened which could destroy Iran reputation in the world Google always highlighted that video/news on front pages and Google is internet giant right? reaches to every internet user.

    China is better who always prefer their own services by blocking those americans and stupid like us make fun of China.

    Those who are relaying on those American companies this Adsense should give you a good sense. Now again many stupid of us will say “our companies? lol low quality blah blah”.

    Chinese companies were also very poor, but due to Chinese Govt their people are using own companies, which is not only increasing experience of their companies but they are becoming popular in whole world and starting operations outside China.

    Google employees most of them are like saints, regularly going to churches, regularly visiting occupied territory Israel for training. They even started posting about Bible pages found in sea on their official blog, why should tech company post stuff like that? Did they ever post about some history of Islam?

    Google is making robots, flying robots, driver less cars, drones, radars etc. Once they take complete control of us then we are finished when not needed.

    Image what will you feel if right now you Gmail, Adsense, Facebook is blocked and reason you are told “uninteresting material” for your 6 years old Adsense site with $700+ earning per month.
    It takes only few seconds for them to block your adsense, google group, twitter, facebook blah blah which you are creating since last several years 😀 haha, they don’t need any reason to tell you “uninteresting material LOL”.


  2. As biggest qty of adsense bans occured in Pakistan it made me think that this must be some kind of misunderstanding or algo testing from Google’s side

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