Why edit-tags.php and Why not edit-terms.php

Today at work, I was writing about categories and tags in WordPress. I noticed something that looks strange to me and I decided to share it here. Apparently when a user edits a category, tag or any term. It is handled by edit-tags.php file which takes parameters like tag_ID, taxonomy, action, post type. Shouldn’t it … Continue reading →

What is the best Facebook-like plugin for WordPress?

Answer by Noumaan Yaqoob: There is an official Facebook plugin (WordPress › Facebook " WordPress Plugins) in the WordPress repository. There are a few reasons which make it a much better choice: 1. Facebook itself is one of the contributors of the plugins in coordination with Automattic the company behind WordPress.com. Other contributors to the … Continue reading →

Photographs From Umrah Pilgrimage

Here are some photographs from the Umrah Pilgrimage. Most pictures were taken inside and around Masjid-al-Haram. All pictures were taken from my iPad mini. These images are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Please feel free to use these images with good faith, in educational, commercial, or personal projects. Attribution will be appreciated … Continue reading →

Installing WiFi Drivers in Debian 7 Wheezy

Debian has set up a Wifi drivers page to help users install drivers for their devices. I have a Realtek WiFi adapter in my laptop and this page helped me install drivers with in minutes. There is a list of different WiFi devices with the name of their manufacturers and model numbers. Identify your device … Continue reading →

Debian Wheezy Banner

Ubuntu 12.04 vs Debian 7

This weekend I had some extra time so I decided to get back to my old hobby of trying new Linux distributions. I stopped using Linux altogether because on my previous jobs I had to work on Windows. My new job gives me the freedom to use whatever operating system I like. So yesterday, I … Continue reading →

Spartacus Season 3 Episode 1 – 6 Review

During last few days I watched Spartacus season 3. So far I have seen the first six episodes. I was waiting for it for long. Unlike previous season, this season has a very exciting story line of war. There are several surprising plot twists that keep audience interested to know what is going to happen … Continue reading →

The human experience

I m in the holy Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Me and my wife are here to perform umrah pilgrimage. I don’t like to talk much about religion or spirituality, I believe that I am a fairly non-religious but god fearing person. I try to do good. What I liked about Makkah is that there are people … Continue reading →

Protected: Family photos

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