How To Buy Gifts for My Niece or Nephew

It is really difficult to buy gifts for children. Specially when you never had any children of your own, and you want to buy a little gift for your neice nephew, or some friend’s children. Buying gifts for kids is a fun thing as it reminds you a lot about your own childhood, but it … Continue reading →

How I Became a Harry Potter Fan

To me it seems like every one in the world has already read all Harry Potter books. At first, I didn’t read Harry Potter because I thought that it is a story for children. But it became so popular all over the world, grown ups were talking about Harry Potter everywhere. I still decided not … Continue reading →

Protecting Children From Bullies

Bullying is a serious problem. Specially for the children who become victim of bullying in schools, neighborhoods or communities. A few days ago my neice Minahil was bullied by some children in the neighbourhood. Her mother called me for advice. I don’t have any children, I am not even married. But I have an interest … Continue reading →

Back To School Stress

My neice Minahil is having trouble with her new class. She is in kindergarten’s first year. She loved her school and her teacher Miss Saima back in pre-nursery. After the three month summer break, she has now started crying while going to school. Minahil’s parents are really upset about this new situation. Minahil wasn’t like … Continue reading →

Folktales for Children

I love reading stories to my neice Minahil. She visits us nearly every weekend with her mother and wants me to tell him some new story eachtime. I love to see the way her eyes shine with fascination, curiosity and imagination that takes her to wonderful world of fairies, magicians, witches and brave heroes. To … Continue reading →