Back To School Stress


My neice Minahil is having trouble with her new class. She is in kindergarten’s first year. She loved her school and her teacher Miss Saima back in pre-nursery. After the three month summer break, she has now started crying while going to school. Minahil’s parents are really upset about this new situation. Minahil wasn’t like that last year, so whats changed now? They understand that she is having difficulty getting herself adjust in the new room, new year and new teacher.

My sister Anney (Minahil’s mother) talked to Minahil’s teacher who told her that it is a very common problem among children of this age. She assured Anney that there is nothing to worry about, Minahil’s performance in class is more than satisfactory and she stops crying as soon as she enters the classroom. Anney and Ejaz think that may be there is something about this new teacher, may be she is too hard on their daughter, they are also thinking that there could be some other child or adult behind Minahil’s behavior change.

I looked on the web and it seems like this is a very common problem all over the world. This is a difficult time for the children, but parents and teachers can do a lot to make them feel better. Kidsource online has some great tips regarding this issue. Preschool Education also offers similar tips.

The key to get over this phase quickly is not to let the children think that they can win over the parents. Their should be no sick leaves, no school skipping, this is a tough decision for parents. But being a good responsible parent you will have to do it.

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