Urdu Font Rendering Bug in Ubuntu Dapper

The only thing which is troubling me with Dapper is some bug with Firefox and Thunderbird. I check many Urdu websites each day, particularly blogs and BBC Urdu. There are two most popular Urdu fonts Nafees Web Naskh and Urdu Naskh Asiatype. Unfortunately Firefox, Thunderbird and Epiphany are unable to display these fonts. Instead pages … Continue reading →

Installed Dapper Drake

The Dapper Drake CDs, that I ordered via Shipit nearly a month ago, arrived yesterday. I have successfully installed Ubuntu Dapper Drake. I am not going to write a lengthy review yet. I would just point out the things that I have noticed. Installation was quicker than Breezy, the previous version of Ubuntu. System start … Continue reading →

Ubuntu Dapper Drake Released

I am quite excited about Dapper Drake aka Ubuntu 6.06 the new version of Ubuntu. I haven’t installed it yet. It is quite difficult to download it on a dialup internet connection. Secondly, I have no idea how to burn a disk image. I will wait till the Free CD arrives which usually does not … Continue reading →