Photo Management Applications

After disliking camera phones and people using camera phones for a long long time, I finally gave up and bought myself one. I am totally in love with my new camera phone. I love it for making things so easier. I can plugin my phone and share pictures and videos with the world. It is … Continue reading →

Deleting Unwanted Files

Recently I realized that the Disks utility was showing 8.6 GiB consumed on my Ubuntu partition (I have Xubuntu installed on another partition and have one FAT partition). I decided to free up some disk space by deleting temporary files. I found that there is no tool in Dapper to automate this process. There is … Continue reading →

Troubleshoot Ubuntu Edgy Upgrade

I haven’t upgraded to Edgy yet. I really want to but I am afraid to loose the stability, usefulness and the charm of Dapper that comes with Long Term Support. I was looking around to see what kind of trouble people facing while upgrading to Edgy from Dapper. To my surprise, there is a whole … Continue reading →

Not a Healthy Ubuntu System

Dennis talked about the issue of unhealthy Ubuntu systems and how they interrupt between distribution upgrades. Dennis presents a list of signs to identify a possibly unhealthy system. He writes: What makes an Ubuntu system unhealthy, you’d say – well here are a few examples: Automatix/easyubuntu/fasterdapper Third party packages checkinstall’ed or alien’ed packages The problem … Continue reading →

HTTP Proxy Authentication

Microsoft’s ISA server firewall is the tool used every where on networks in Pakistan and it is the second most common problem for Linux advocates in Pakistan. The first most common problem is getting drivers for win modems. My Cable Internet service provider also uses the same stupid MS ISA server firewall. They are a … Continue reading →

Making Ubuntu Run Faster

Support forums and Ubuntu Wiki are full of articles to help out people using Ubuntu Dapper on older machines. I am using Ubuntu Dapper with a 800 MHZ processor and 256 MB of RAM. Ubuntu runs well on my system it is not slower than my previous operating system (Windows XP) at least. But there … Continue reading →

Firefox for Linux – Urdu Font Rendering

Finally, I found the solution to the Firefox Urdu Font related bug in Dapper. Me, the newbie, the linux illiterate who didn’t even know Tux; I solved a bug in an open source software that I am using on my open source operating system. After upgrading to Dapper, I found that Firefox in Dapper does … Continue reading →

Konqueror VS Firefox

Firefox is great but since I visit several websites that Firefox is unable to render properly I have no choice but to find an alternative. I am starting to hate Firefox and forcing myself to love Konqueror and Galeon but still whenever I am using Firefox I feel like using a familiar application. Like when … Continue reading →