Ubuntu Dapper Drake Released

Linux Ubuntu

I am quite excited about Dapper Drake aka Ubuntu 6.06 the new version of Ubuntu. I haven’t installed it yet. It is quite difficult to download it on a dialup internet connection. Secondly, I have no idea how to burn a disk image. I will wait till the Free CD arrives which usually does not take more than a few weeks.

I am not sure what differences I would see. But reading the reviews and announcements I figured the following:

  • It uses Gnome 2.14, I am currently using Gnome 2.12 on Breezy.
  • It has newer versions of Open Office and many other software.
  • Installing PHP, Apache and mysql (LAMP) has been made simpler.
  • Improved video playback support.
  • Faster system startup and login.

Steven reviews Dapper on Linux Watch, links to more reviews available at distrowatch.

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